Orientation Day at Le Cordon Bleu

On Friday I had my orientation day at LCB. I was seriously nervous. I arrived really early but already the building was full of new recruits. There must have been about 100 people registering that day. We were taken into a room together and separated into our individual groups, given a (slightly awkward and long winded) speech by the school Head, the Academic Director – Chef Loic and even the police were there giving us a quick talk on safety in London. While sitting in the room listening to, especially chef Loic, I was struck by how lucky I was to be there. How lucky I was to have this opportunity in my lifetime and how I was going to do my utmost to succeed and give it my all. Most importantly not waste this incredible experience.

We left in our groups for a tour of the school. Our guides were Chef Julie and Chef Nicolas. We were shown around all the kitchens – the smells in the Boulangerie kitchen were incredible as there is a production kitchen in there supplying goodies for the cafe, it was intense! We were given our lockers and able to try on our uniforms etc. We finished early at 1pm, so most of group B went for some lunch together!

I feel so much better now about starting this journey having met the people in my group and the incredible chefs! Bring on Monday!!! ๐Ÿ˜€


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